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Fumo Buying Guides

Fumo Table
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Proxies and Forwarders
Reseller and Storefront Guide
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Fumos are a line of high-quality plush character figures manufactured and sold by the Japanese company Gift. Fumos exist for multiple franchises, but most notably the Touhou Project. Touhou Fumos are designed by ANGELTYPE. Update: ANGELTYPE has changed their circle name to ROYALCAT since 2017.

Fumos are generally difficult to purchase, even in Japan, due to their relative scarcity. Fumos are out-of-stock as a rule, and Gift typically only manufactures them twice a year, when they open for limited pre-orders. For most restocks, Gift does not ship outside of Japan; when they do, the sales go through the AmiAmi store.

However, don't let that discourage you! With the helpful information on this site, you too can welcome a soft friend into your home.

Frequently Asked Questions
You have three main options: find a trustworthy reseller at a reasonable price, order one from Amiami's international site, or order from Gift or Amiami's Japanese site directly using a Proxy or Forwarding Service.
The same things you need for any other online shopping:
  • A payment method - this means a credit or debit card. Gift itself does not accept Paypal, but many storefronts do.
  • Money - expect to spend between 50 and 200 USD, depending on the Fumo, shipping costs, and source. Deka fumos range from $500 - $3000.
  • Time - Shipping from overseas can take a long time.
Check out our helpful Fumo Table. You can also look through the entire Gift catalog here.
  • Normal - a normal fumo. Typically about 20cm tall sitting. Nendroid ones are taller and posable.
  • Toy Strap - a small fumo with a strap for key chains.
  • Mannaka - a medium sized fumo, about 40cm tall. "Mannaka" is a Japanese word (真ん中) meaning "middle".
  • Deka - a giant fumo. 70cm tall and incredibly expensive. "Deka" comes from the Japanese "dekai", meaning huge.
  • Puppet - a hand puppet, about 40cm tall.
Bootleg fumos, mimicking the Fumo style and passed off as being authentic, are often cheaper than real ones. However, Some have their own character and value, like the long-legged bootleg dekas, but many do not. You'll have to decide on your own, but know that you're taking a risk. For information on avoiding bootlegs, see the reseller guide.
That was most likely a custom fumo! There are quite a few people out there who make custom fumos themselves.
The word "Fumo" comes from the Japanese onomatopoeia "モフモフ" (mofumofu), which means "soft to the touch", or "fluffy".
There are plenty of online communities for discussing and sharing our soft friends. /jp/ on 4chan regularly has fumo related threads. /r/fumofumo on reddit also is a nice place to post fumos, and there are several fumo-related Discord communities like Fumo Project: